Labor market competences

Coach quality: providing insight through questions

What do I want to achieve with the youngsters?

  • Getting to know himself by reflecting on his identity and his situation
  • Enhancing his self confidence
  • Developing his creativity
  • Encouraging the skill of reflection

How do I position myself as a coach?

  • Be positive and increase the self-confidence of the youngsters.
  • Be curious about the past of the youngsters. Discuss the points that are important and interesting to mention in a cv.
  • Ask the youngsters specific questions in order to give substance to the young person’s learning process and cv.
  • Ask precise questions that provide insight into hobbies, work experience, past education, interests and other qualities.
  • Pay attention to computer skills that are important when writing a cv.
  • Try to stimulate creative thinking by considering hobby or “work experience” as valuable for your cv.

Training tips

  • Use the VDAB website.
  • Make a competence cv instead of a traditional cv.
  • Make a puzzle of a resume to learn about the structure.
  • Give examples of bad and good CVs and discuss the reasons for their quality.
  • Let youngsters first introduce themselves and tell something about themselves.
  • Make a lifeline with the youngsters focusing on the important moments in their lives.
  • Make a video clip resume (elevator pitch).

Language tips

  • Explain new words in a meaningful context, for example a work situation.
  • Keep repeating new words.

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